Plannet Marketing Review – Is This Travel Company The Real Deal?


Recently, I got some messages about a new travel-based network marketing company called Plannet Marketing. Chances are if you are reading this, you are most likely considering joining as you are doing some last minute research on the company. If this is the case, look no further. In this Plannet Marketing review, I will cover all the basic details you'll need before joining. However, I want to disclose that I am not a Distributor for Plannet Marketing. In all honesty, I don't really care one way or the other if I join so you know you'll get a really neutral review.

Who is Plannet Marketing?

Plannet Marketing is a company that sells travel through a network marketing business model. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. As of this writing, Plannet Marketing is over 6 months old. The company was founded by Donald Bradley, previously at YTB and Paycation Travel. Bradley has twenty years of network marketing experience. Before the start of Plannet Marketing, Bradley was the primary distributor and first income earner at Paycation Travel. He literally had everyone in Paycation in his bottom line and was responsible for bringing in the company's senior leadership group. I'm not sure what happened, but just as Craig Gerapac and Barry Donalson left 5linx and they joined Paycation at the same time that Bradley decided to leave. He may not be satisfied with these people joining and caring for the company when he was the main distributor. Who do you know? Who really cares? Regardless of the reason, it seems that Bradley was ready to get away from everything he made to start from scratch again. In general, the company looks very strong. And while it is too early to tell if they will remain so long-term because they are only a few months old, Bradley and other members of the corporate team bring a lot of experience in network marketing and travel, which is a good thing.

How can you make money with Plannet Marketing?

The actual compensation plan provides several ways for distributors to get their money back. But the jewel of the compensation plan is the 3×9 matrix. With the Matrix model, it is extremely important that you get a spot early if you want to take advantage of the consequences. If you are placed under a strong constructor, you can take advantage of their efforts as they put people under you as they fill out a matrix. With a fully filled 3×9 matrix, you'll have 29,523 distributors below you. If they are all active and get $ 4 per month from each reseller, you can get up to $ 118,092 per month. In addition to your Matrix salary, you can also earn a 10% match on the Matrix salary for your personal distributors.

In addition to Matrix, the company offers monthly bonuses to managers. Here is a simple detail of how the Manager Rewards work:

One star manager – 100 active distributors – $ 500 / month
2-star manager – 300 active distributors – $ 1000 / month
3-star manager – 500 active distributors – $ 2000 / month
4-star manager – 1500 active distributors – $ 5,000 / month
5-star manager – 4000 active distributors – $ 10,000 / month
6-star manager – 10,000 active distributors – $ 16,000 / month
7-star manager – 25,000 active distributors – $ 30,000 / month
8-star manager – 50,000 active distributors – $ 50,000 / month
9-star manager – 100,000 active distributors – $ 100,000 / month

Between Matrix Pay, and a 10% match on your character and director bonuses, it's pretty clear there is a lot of money in the back end. If you are a strong team builder and talent to create a good culture, Plannet Marketing might be a very profitable opportunity for you.

Should You Join Plannet Marketing?

Well, you can really just answer that. The company definitely looks solid. Traveling is a very marketable service that is easy to talk about. The compensation plan is generous and profitable. All of these things together must guarantee success, right? Unfortunately, it could be further from the truth. At the end of the day, your ability to take care of people in your business on a consistent basis will lead to your success. For this reason I recommend that you learn attractive marketing. If you can position yourself in front of potential customers who are already looking for what to offer, then you will have no problem getting leads online. And if you have an abundance of high quality leads, there is no indication of how successful you are.



Expedia Hotel Coupon Information – All you need to know about this travel site and its affordable deals


If you are looking for hotel deals, why not start with Expedia? It is one of the largest travel sites in the world and assists millions of tourists and business travelers in planning and making reservations. You can have the best technology at your fingertips to find the lowest hotel prices as well as airline tickets and cheap cruise trips. Usually a form of Expedia hotel voucher is available for any destination.

Vouchers can be easily applied to your reservation form when making reservations. Depending on the type of link you click, it may be applied automatically. If it's a promotional code, there's a box in which to enter. If the discount is rejected, check again the expiration date and terms and conditions. There is usually more than one available at any time so that you can simply try another one.

With so many travel companies raising prices, it's nice to know that at least one website is striving to offer the most affordable deals possible. A coupon from one of Expedia's hotels can go a long way in helping you increase your vacation budget. Corporate discounts are also available if you plan to travel for commercial purposes.

You may want to join the Expedia Rewards program so you can access exclusive benefits such as the hotel price guarantee. If you plan to travel regularly, it will be easy to accumulate reward points, which can be converted into larger hotel savings, airline tickets and more.

Some additional options for Expedia coupons

There are sections of the company’s website that all users will want to check out, such as "hotels under $ 99" and "last minute deals". These offerings include some of the most popular destinations around the world, including beach resorts, large city sanctuaries, mountain retreats, parks, etc. If you already have a specific destination, use the search tools to compare prices from thousands of hotels, hostels, hostels, resorts and other accommodation options.

Why is Expedia cheap? Why are hotel deals great? The company is able to provide affordable accommodation as it has developed partnerships with hundreds of thousands of hotels, airlines, car rental agencies and cruise lines.

No matter what expedia hotel voucher you use, you can always count on excellent customer service. You will also have access to "My Journey" tools where you can plan your entire itinerary after reserving your battle and hotel. Find additional vouchers for dining, shopping, activities and more.

Where do you want to go? What kind of vacation do you like? Or are you traveling for work? All you need to get started is a coupon or promotional offer from Expedia. You will not find the best deals or customer service anywhere else.



Holiday Package Deals For Two – What To Consider When Looking For A Fun Romantic Vacation


Every couple should go on a romantic vacation now and then. It can be very fun and exciting. There is no such thing as trying a new place for the first time with your own person. Online travel tools have made it very easy to find vacation deals for two. Do you really have a place on your mind? Is there a city or a beach between you and your hearts are already set? Or are you open to suggestions? Either way, you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

If you've just started dating, you may not feel comfortable enough to go too far, so a daily special tour of the nearest city may be a good place to start. When you feel the adventure, you can check and know the type of recreational activities available in your state or neighboring country. If you have been together long enough to feel comfortable when traveling to another country, you have a lot of options, from exploring the ancient Mayan ruins of Cozumel or going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

There is no shortage of romantic getaways for couples. Whether you want to celebrate your anniversary, honeymoon, or simply spend time alone in a relaxing resort, you should check out holiday package deals for two to find out what's available.

Keep in mind that many of the travel package prices that you will encounter are only the price per person. Even if the hotel or resort allows two people, you do not want to forget the other plane ticket. Also make sure that access to concerts or attractions that an all-inclusive package may provide covers for two people.

Adventures to look into vacation package deals for two people

There are also hiking adventures and excursions for your consideration. Walking alongside amazing places can be romantic and adventurous. If you are not athletic and do not want anything exciting or scary, the walking tour may seem safe and comfortable. You can go on a walking tour through an exciting city, take a mountain path, walk along the strange beach, walk around the Everest Base Camp, etc.

You and your private partner may want to go on a cruise for a few days. There are romantic suites and cabins for couples. While you're at sea, watch the dolphins. When docking, head to the beach for a fun trip. There are many cruise destinations to choose from: Hawaiian Islands, the Caribbean, Bahamian, Alaska, the Mediterranean, South America, and more.

Just get together and make a list of places you want to go and activities that both of you will enjoy and see what kind of two holiday package offers you can find.

There are many reasons to use online websites to find vacation package deals for two people. For starters, you are guaranteed at the lowest price. You can browse offers and read reviews about hotels, cruise ships, resorts, hostels and more. With online promotional codes you will most likely be able to get a very good price on the trip.



5 secrets travel insiders know about finding great cruise deals


Still taking a trip to the great ocean in a huge ship is a very popular way to spend a vacation, and with good reason. When cruise deals light up, they can make the trip even more awesome. As more and more people turn into cruise ships, companies offer more packages and additional value every day. The trick is knowing not only where, but also when to search. Check out some of the following professional tips to help you make the most of your next vacation:

Book during "Wave Season"

There is a set time of the year when cruise lines offer light cruise deals. From January to March, known as the off-season, you can find some real great deals. This period of time is well known in the travel circles as the "surf season". Companies really try to encourage travelers to book early, and of course book using their own line. As a result, there are some crazy deals available, including Buy One or Get One free options (also known as BOGO) and added value, like free food or automatic upgrades. The trick is to look around you and find out which companies can offer big packages. Sailing travel companies can really help locate these special offers.

Find a popular destination.

This may sound like counter-intuition, but booking a trip to a popular destination can save you money. With large cruise ships, the goal is to fill capacity. With popular destinations, there are many competing lines that depart daily, if not several times in a day. With so many ships, many companies offer great cruise deals to attract customers, in the hope that they will become frequent travelers. Alaska, the Caribbean and Cuba are all hot spots right now, and they're offering the best deals.

Maintain flexibility on your dates.

Last minute travel, automatically or backup not for everyone. It can be especially stressful for those who have pre-booked days off from work. But for those who can afford more flexibility, it can really work to your advantage when it comes to pocket pockets. In order to sell last minute cabins, many cruise ships offer rooms at very discounted rates. They may also add some great values, such as promotions, free food and offer tickets. If you know where to look, you can actually record some great offers.

Or … book too early!

On the other hand, it may also be beneficial to book very early, as during a wave season. Early bookings can ensure that some good deals are found on ships that want to know in advance that they are completely full.

Follow the plugins.

Additions are the biggest aspect of finding great cruise deals. Value added can include things like upgraded rooms, free dining, or some passes. Do not forget to search for free flights or rent vehicles to transport you to the port. Air credit is also another popular incentive for travelers. Many travel companies will know when and how to search for these added deals.



Find the best hotel deals for your next vacation


The cost of your stay is often your biggest single expense when you want to take a vacation or business trip. A great way to reduce your costs is to find a bargain at your hotel. Here are some tips to help you reduce your costs when planning your next vacation.

He traveled during the off-season

When deciding your travel dates, try not to go into high season. There are many travelers who have travel restrictions during school holidays or holidays, but if you can be a little flexible about your dates, you can secure a lot of money. Sometimes a small change in the dates from the weekend to during the week can make a big difference in costs.

Use the membership feature

Many large hotel chains offer completely free membership programs like airlines that offer frequent flyer programs that allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free nights. Hotels also sometimes give lower rates to seniors, military, students, or program members like Triple A. So make sure to mention all of your affiliations while booking to get the lowest rates possible.

Special internet offers

There are hotels with special offers for online reservations only. So search online for deals that save you money. If you also want to make a flight reservation sometimes, the full package cost is lower than an individual reservation.

Hidden fees

When comparing the cost of your hotel, be positive that the prices you get include everything. Some hotels charge small things separately and make sure everything you need is included in the price.

More ways to save

When traveling with family, first make sure that children are free to stay or eat. If you are traveling with a group of people, you will request a group discount. If you are coming from the airport, ask if the hotel has a free shuttle. Ask if there is a free breakfast provided by the hotel. Booking a room with a kitchenette can also help you save money as you don't have to eat out every time.

Be flexible

Last but not least is flexibility. You should be flexible not only with dates, but also with your requirements. The things you can do should not be on your list like the facilities that hotels offer if you can stay without going to them. Book a small room instead of a suite. Choosing a hotel in a less expensive area is all ways to reduce your costs.



Cheap Travel – Find cheap flights and hotels


Everyone wants to save money while traveling, but finding travel discounts may take a long time. Here are some tips for finding cheap airline tickets or cheap flights, as well as cheap hotels or vacation packages.

In general, the cheap travel advice that can help you save money while traveling, is specific advice on where or how to get the best deals on specific things like hotel discounts, cheap car rentals, cheap airline tickets or other travel discounts. I will try to include as much of this kind of information as possible, and direct you in the right direction to find more.

There are limitations to this type of approach though. For example, if you find the best deal on the best hotel in Las Vegas at the height of the season, you will save money, but you still have an expensive vacation. Always trying to get exactly what you want, or what you think you want, will generally be an exorbitant offer, both on travel and during the high season holiday.

So try to avoid the high season, if you can search for the best deals to find cheap airline tickets or cheap hotel rooms, because these two things are a major part of your travel expenses.

Cheap international travel or domestic travel, always starts finding deals on travel with airline tickets, finding cheap hotel rates or cheap motels and also includes the cost of food. Some hotel accommodations may be a little expensive but may provide food. If the hotel provides transportation service, you can save on car rental as well.

You can find cheap flights, hotels, car rental and cruises below.



How to Find Discount Hotel Deals Online – Tips from Travel Experts


Everyone knows that these days it is becoming cheaper to book hotel rooms online to get the best discount room rates. So usually everyone goes directly to the many famous online travel agencies that we see a lot on TV and in magazine ads. But it wouldn't be nice to know where people working in the travel industry find their own hotel deals?

There are many reputable online travel agencies to choose from today. Most of them are not well known because they are not heavily advertised on TV. Although it is very popular among travel experts and seasoned travelers. When you search for hotel deals, you will find their names appear first in the search results.

But those familiar with the travel industry know that in order to get the best possible hotel rates, they primarily use the services of the hotel reservation agencies located in the country or region where they travel as well.

For example, if you wanted to find an affordable 3-star hotel in New York City, I would use online hotel agencies in the U.S. like or Both companies have a solid reputation for reliable services and discount hotel rates in the United States, although they are not well known as or, although and offer better hotel room rates and more options. Hotel.

The reason for this is Expedia, Priceline or another similar all-in-one service provider that doesn't specialize in the hotel market.

Travel experts know that online hotel agencies are able to provide travelers with unique discounts and promotions. They know that these specialized agencies focus on the location of the hotel so that they are more aware of the needs and demands of travelers to get the best hotel room rates.

Regional hotel agencies online work more closely with the hotels that you partner with, so whenever there is a special deal or exclusive promotional offers coming, they are the first to receive it so that it is in turn provided to travelers. Hotels know to benefit from the massive presence of the Internet that hotel agencies have online and increase the likelihood of a traveler traveling through the hotel’s property.

Since these discounts are exclusive, you will only find them at these agencies. Websites that hotels will not offer directly.



Cheap getaway packages overview – what to consider when searching for affordable travel packages


Is it time to leave the house for a few days? Do you need to spend the weekend away from everything? It's time to change your routine and go on a nice vacation. You don't have to spend a lot of money on one, either – just look for cheap getaway packages to see what's available.

Planning a trip does not involve much complication. You can simply book the airline or bus, book a hotel room and arrange ground transportation. You can combine all of this at one time as part of a package or book everything separately. Use the search tools or subscribe to receive transaction alerts. Compare itineraries to determine which flight offers the most value.

Factors such as time of year, tourist season, and holidays play a role in the cost of travel. Many people like to go to sunny places during the spring break. Unfortunately, this increases the costs of both airline and hotel prices. If you want to get away during the spring months, you may want to head to an area with low temperatures. In Aspen, for example, prices tend to fall in March and April. In places like the Caribbean and Mexico, summer is actually the cheapest time to go as most people want to avoid very hot weather. If you don't mind sitting in the shade or cooling off in the water all day long, this might be something you should think about.

No matter when you plan to spend your vacation, it is a good idea to create a short list of places you want to visit. Determine peak and off-season for each site. Find cheap packages and compare prices. What is the deal that seems to offer the most for your money? Keep in mind that the cheapest flight may not necessarily be the best, depending on what is included in the package as well as the possible hidden surcharges.

Where to look for cheap getaway packages

If you're really having trouble finding cheap travel to one of your ideal destinations, it's okay to get off the beaten track. You never know what kind of hidden gem you might discover when visiting a missing or a travel spot. Just check and see if there are any affordable flights to lesser-known destinations with a budget airline.

If you're not busy and don't have time to keep checking all new deals and last minute discounts, just subscribe to get free subscription notifications via email or text whenever cheap getaway packages appear to your ideal destinations.

Whether you're looking for last minute hotel deals, last minute trips, cheap getaway packages, discount cruises, etc. You cannot go wrong with online travel sites. It's easy to find discount travel offers – you can search for them and subscribe to our newsletter to receive alerts.



Travelocity Flight Deals Info – What you need to know about getting affordable rates


If you want to go anywhere in the world, you can always count on Travelocity travel deals to help you save. The site provides travelers with tons of great deals not only on airline tickets, but also on hotel stays, resorts, cruises, vacation offers, car rentals, etc. Sometimes you can combine cheap airline tickets with a hotel room or rent a car to save more money.

Whether you plan to travel for business or leisure, stay tuned for cheap airline tickets on Travelocity. If you cannot find discounts that will help you save in the exact destination you are considering, you may still be able to save with a general voucher or promo code.

Why choose Travelocity? For starters, there are no cancellation fees for anxiety. The company will never charge you as long as you cancel at least three days before departure. If the airline itself cancels your flight, Travelocity will work with this airline to help you get to your desired destination as quickly as possible, and even help arrange hotel accommodation if you need an overnight stay.

Travelocity is a world leader in travel trade, cooperating with almost every airline in the world, be it major or lesser-known. It does not matter if you want to travel to the next city above or around the world – usually there is a type of deal available. The more flexible you are in your travel plans, the more likely you are to find a great discount. It is worth considering a trip with one or two stops in order to get the best deal possible.

Get Travelocity travel offers for your favorite airlines

If you already have a preferred airline, just check and see the type of deals you are currently making with Travelocity, whether it's jetblue, Delta, Spirit, Air Canada, Southwest, American Airlines, etc. What hotels do they work with to bring you cheap packages? Would you be required to stay in one of these hotels for at least the number of nights?

Another reason to take advantage of Travelocity travel deals is that the company will help you find the required seat. Although this is not guaranteed, you will still be able to determine your ideal seats during the reservation process and details will be sent to the airline. As long as you book early enough, there is a good chance of getting your favorite seat.

Of course, there are last minute deals to consider. They deserve a look if you are not picky about your travel plans or seats. Just check Travelocity travel deals for last minute packages. It also helps to have the app as you will receive notifications and alerts every time a last minute deal pops up.

You can start now by viewing Travelocity travel offers, including discounts on selected trips and participating hotels. Whether you wish to travel locally or internationally, there are always deals available with Travelocity.



Last minute travel and how to find the best cheap travel deals


Sometimes if time is beside you, the best way to travel is Last Minute Travel. You can often find the best cheap travel deals this way. You can often find many of these deals even for faraway places like Malaysia, Singapore or even some of your other dream locations. In fact, more often than not, faraway places do not offer the best value for money when it is a last minute travel deal.

The reasons that make last minute travel deals so good include: –

  • Since someone has already paid for an expensive travel deal, you can reap rewards and even get a deal, because the travel company has already made their money. He canceled the original buyer, and therefore the travel company no longer needed to make such a huge profit in the holiday as it had already made these profits from the original buyer. This is one way you can get great holidays at bargain prices.
  • You can also often take advantage of holidays at 4 or even 5-star resorts, often at 2-star rates
  • There is also another very good reason to choose last minute travel over regular travel and this is because you can often get great travel deals to far and far dream sites for small money, which usually pays for just a short hiatus.
  • You can also get loads of extras in the absence of additional money such as free transfers to and from airports or even additional baggage allowance.

Last-minute travel disadvantages include:

  • You are limited to the hotels and resorts where you stay because of the vacation that is usually reserved for someone else.
  • Often the prices do not include hidden costs including airport transportation and additional baggage costs
  • Dates are usually restrictive, because the holiday has already been booked for someone else's schedule; these dates are not negotiable because they are only available for the listed price.
  • Prices are often based on the participation of 2 or 4 people, depending on how the original buyer booked his vacation, usually dictated on a board basis. Sometimes, the listed rates are based on the participation of 2 or even 4 people and sometimes this can be 6, however in this case they will usually allow the holiday to be divided into two groups depending on how the property was originally booked in the first place.

Although last-minute travel can sometimes be somewhat restricted but it is often a very convenient and cost-effective way to travel, as you see above, there are some very good reasons why people choose to travel at the last minute, and sometimes Even booked on the same day as traveling. So if you are brave enough and have a flexible vacation schedule at work or school, then why not try to book a last minute travel vacation and save yourself and your family a small fortune.