Choose a holiday season and destination


Choosing the right holiday season can be just as important as choosing the right package when it comes to saving money. Bargain hunters should be aware of when to go to certain destinations. Travel agents define the shoulder season as the time before and after the high season in the tourist area.

One source for determining the shoulder season in the area is the guidebooks. While they will not specifically determine the shoulder season, they will give an indication of low and peak seasons. While bargaining shopping can produce good bargains during the season of low popular destinations, one can never expect to find a cheap bargain during high season. Some holiday destinations may have great offers during a low season, but after a few months during the high season it may be impossible to find many. .

One must realize that low seasons are low for a reason. For example, a low season is typical for regions such as the Caribbean or Florida during a hurricane season. Taking advantage of the terrible weather could get away from a good deal for a vacation in a popular area. When the weather is nice, the prices are higher, and when the weather is seasonally threatened or unjust people may want to stay away, the prices are better.

As one might expect, different geographical regions have different peak seasons. For example, in global regions like Egypt during the summer months, the desert climate is so unbearable that many people are reluctant to travel there.

Timing plays an important role when it comes to vacation travel. Winter can produce different travel opportunities. For example, before the Christmas season, people were preoccupied with holiday and shopping preparations and did not tend to travel. After Christmas, when shoppers face the reality of credit card bills, there may be no place in the budget for the year-end holiday, so both times offer opportunities to save money.

Spring is also a great time of year to find bargains because trips to Europe have great prices and weather is acceptable. Beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico are seeing prices drop in about mid-April. During this time of year, air and water temperatures are moderate, beaches and hotels are less crowded.

Finding a bargain in summer is more difficult since this is a more popular vacation time. Vacationers take advantage of Europe, the Japanese, and the Americans this time, and there are usually many honeymooners going to vacation destinations.