Frugal travel tips for Prague


Prague is a favorite destination for many backpackers. Youth culture gives the city liveliness and economy offers abundant travel.

Prague Card

Most European cities offer a city card, which for a flat fee, gives the traveler discounts and free entry to attractions. In Prague, this city card is a particularly good deal. For SEK 740, travelers get free entry to more than 50 landmarks in the city including attractions in Prague Castle. For an additional 220 CZK, travelers can obtain an unlimited pass for 3 days.

Prague card can be purchased from the airport, tourist information kiosks, and some hotels.

Royal Road

The Royal Road is a picturesque winding street that leads from the gates of the old city to Prague Castle. The dock is clearly marked with a silver arrow (silver line). Along the way there are scenes like House Of The Black Madonna, Old Town Square (with its magnificent astronomical clock) and Charles Bridge.

Note: There are quaint shops though quite expensive along the Royal Road. For inexpensive souvenirs, one of the best markets will be the best option. For a classic Prague souvenir, famous bohemian crystal, try stores as far away from the Old Town as possible.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a beautiful pedestrian bridge and ranks as one of the city's most photographed attractions. The bridge really comes to life at dusk as junkies, artists and musicians line up.

Change the guard

There is an entrance fee to enter the Prague Castle but seeing the changing of the guards is free. The guards change every hour (this attraction can be crowded so try to see it early in the day). Once a day at noon, there is a larger offer. Unlike guards in other castles, travelers can stand by these Royal Guards for great photo opportunities.

Saving money on these experiences will save the frugal traveler from boasting an expensive but not to miss Prague castle and buying luxury bohemian crystal and other glass works.