Spain travel deals – budget travel in San Sebastian

If you are a beach fan and looking for good travel deals to Spain, then you should take a trip to San Sebastian. The city is among the most beautiful in the Basque Country, and is home to La Beach, Concha, which is widely believed to be one of the best areas in Europe. La Concha is a paradise for surfing and swimming in the summer months. If you choose to travel during this time, keep in mind that the area is very busy in July and August. Due to the large crowds, it is best to pre-book in advance if you want to get a good deal on staying in the area.

If you prefer to avoid crowding, San Sebastian still has fairly moderate weather outside the main tourist season. You will definitely enjoy walking along La Concha Beach during most of the year. In addition, there is a long park along the beach that is very popular among cyclists. Aside from spending time at La Concha, you'll also enjoy a visit to one of the historic churches of San Sebastian, and a tour of the region's museums. The Maritime Museum is among the most popular tourist attractions.

In addition to some inexpensive beach tours and relaxation, San Sebastian is also the place to go if you are looking for good quality travel deals to Spain with delicious quality meals. In fact, many people agree that the Basque Country offers some of the best foods that the country has to offer. Tourists in the area will be completely happy to know that good food is available at all budget levels. Tapas bars offer one of the cheapest and most enjoyable meals in the area. Tapas dishes, also referred to as Pintxos in the Basque language, can be regarded as dishes from hot or cold tapas such as food that is usually served in a bar with a drink. Some tapas dishes are absolutely delicious and can be a full lunch alone. Tapas prices range from 1 to 5 euros, and they offer one of the best travel deals in Spain for dining for those on a budget. These dishes are also an item to try for any visitor to Spain.

Finally, there are also good offers for accommodation in San Sebastian. For a backpacker, accommodations in a private hostel and sleeping style are available, at prices ranging from around 10-30 € per night. There are also some pensions, and bed and breakfast options are available if you want more amenities. For those who prefer staying in a resort in the city, you may want to consider booking an all-inclusive vacation, as this is often the best way to get better deals on some of the more expensive accommodation options. If you are traveling outside the summer months, you may find that Spain's travel packages are better and more abundant.